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Carne hole 17
Arabella Western Cape hole 9
Cypress Point hole 16

A golf course should be beautiful

One of the main reasons why golfers go and play on a golf course is to be outside in beautiful surroundings. So much of most peoples lives are spent in cities, offices and urban landscapes that it is crucial that a golf course can provide them with a breathing space, a place to reload one's senses.

At IVGD we believe strongly that the golf course should provide more than a venue to play the game; it should be a place where one is happy and enjoys the surroundings and the beauty of the place. It should be a place that you want to spend time, where you long to be and where you can relax your mind in beautiful surroundings.

““The great courses, and in detail all the famous holes and greens, are fascinating to the golfer by reason of their shape, their situation and the character of their modeling. When these elements obey the fundamental laws of balance, of harmony and fine proportions, they give rise to what we call beauty.”

“I have not the slightest hesitation in saying that beauty means a great deal on a golf course… there are few first rate holes which are not at the same time, either in the grandeur of their undulations and hazards, or the character of their surroundings, things of beauty themselves."

Dr. Alister MacKenzie “The Spirit of St.Andrews” 1932

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