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Swinley Forest
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Hoge Kleij

Landscape changes should appear as natural as possible

Sometimes it will be necessary to make changes to the existing landscape to be able to build a green site, tee or even a complete hole. The crux then is to make the changes look so natural that at a casual glance most golfers will not see the new landforms as artificial.

At IVGD our goal is to create landforms that look so natural that it is very hard to see where nature stops and the landscape constructed for golf starts. This often means spending a lot of time fine-tuning a landform in the field that already is functional, but doesn't look natural enough yet in our eyes.

“The acid test is whether it appears obvious within a glance where artificial work has been done…. An artificial hill which is pleasing and natural to the eye will cost about six times more than a hill considered purely from a scientific point of view.”

Tom Simpson “Golf Architecture. The Game of Golf” 1931

“The model should be the natural sand-dune country which is found near the sea…... If the sand-dunes be taken as the natural and perfect model, it follows that their characteristics should be reproduced"

Harry S. Colt “Some Essays on Golf-course Architecture” 1920

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