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Royal Hague
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Broadstone hole 6

Work as much as possible with the natural features of the site

Every site, be it a lush forest, a barren heathland or a windswept dune landscape will have unique site features that will allow a golf hole to capture character, style and individualism. The art of good golf architecture is to spot these natural features and use them to the fullest without spoiling them.

At IVGD we try very hard to find these unique natural features on any site we work on, and then incorporate them in any design we come up with. The only way to find these features is to spend time to really get to know the site.

“I firmly believe that the only means whereby an attractive piece of ground can be turned into a satisfying golf course is to work the natural features of the site in question. Develop them if necessary, but not too much; and if there are many nice features, leave them alone as far as possible, but utilize them to the their fullest extent, and eventually there will be a chance of obtaining a course with individual character of an impressive nature.”

Harry S. Colt “Some Essays on Golf-course Architecture” 1920

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