Lots of fairway off the tees at Swinkelsche 13
The short grass around Royal Hague green 11
Smart players avoid all bunkers at Tandridge 3
Experienced players lay up right at Swinkelsche 4
Feel free to use the putter around Hardelot 8

Design sympathetically and forgiving for the bogey player

One of the main mistakes made in golf design is to make golf courses too hard for the average player in a quest to make the course tiger proof. Ironically this is totally unnecessary, in that it's easy to make the course hard for the best players and still make it very playable for the rest. The key element is to provide the average man width and a way to avoid all the hazards that give the scratch man his challenge.

At IVGD we are proud that we create golf courses that on the one hand can hold tour events without much change needed, and at the same time still allow our parents to have an enjoyable afternoon on the links without losing vast quantities of balls and strokes.

"The course should be so arranged that the long handicap player should be able to to enjoy his round in spite of the fact that he is piling up a big score. In other words the beginner should not be continually harassed by losing strokes from playing out of sand bunkers. The layout should be so arranged that he loses strokes because he is making wide detours to avoid hazards"

Dr. Alister MacKenzie “The Spirit of St.Andrews” 1932

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