Turfvaert hole 13
Swinkelsche short course 9
Swinkelsche hole 6
Copt Heath hole 13
Swinkelsche short course 8

Playing a golf course should be a lot of fun

It is sometimes forgotten in all the demands we place on a golf course, that in the end the most important trait of any great golf course probably is that golfers should have a lot of fun playing it, no matter what their capabilities are.

At IVGD we feel strongly that our courses should have many design elements that allow players to really enjoy themselves, time and time again, no matter what the weather is, their golfing capabilities or even their form of the day.

“The first purpose of any course should be to give pleasure.”

Bobby Jones “Golf Is My Game” 1960

"Really good golf holes are full of surprises, each one a bit better than the last. Like a first rate dinner, as soon as you have finished one course, something even better is placed before you"

Robert Hunter “The Links” 1926

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