Eindhovensche hole 3
Swinkelsche hole 5
Tandridge hole 3
Turfvaert hole 13

Create links characteristics and playing conditions on inland courses

Golf originated on the seaside links courses and as such the essence of the game is based on the key elements of a links course such as fast and firm conditions, the ability to play bump and run shots and the prevalence of lots of small undulations in the playing area.

At IVGD we love playing links courses, and try to use as many of the typical links characteristics in our new designs. Similarly we try to achieve links playing conditions by striving for lots of short grass around the greens and firm greens, foregreens and fairways as playing surfaces.

“Inland golf can never be quite equal in merit to that played on seaside links, but it can be a very good second best.... as regards the construction of artificial hollows, mounds and bunkers, the model should be the natural sand dune country which is found near the sea.”

Harry S. Colt “Some Essays on Golf-course Architecture” 1920

“A golf course which merely caters for an everlasting pitch at every hole can never be entirely satisfactory. Any player under a sixteen handicap can play a pitch shot, but few of even the best players can play a run up shot."

Dr. Alister MacKenzie “The Spirit of St.Andrews” 1932

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