Royal Hague hole 15
R Hague
Swinkelsche hole 10
Hardelot Les Pins hole 10
Turfvaert hole 2
Swinkelsche hole 11

Stimulate players to think strategically with their (tee) shots

Strategy is the lifeblood of golf architecture; without it a golf course lacks interest and vitality. The main characteristic of strategy is that it forces players to make choices, on their tee shots, their recovery shots, their approaches and their up and downs. These choices are forced by the careful positioning of hazards on the golf hole.

At IVGD we spend a lot of time thinking about the strategy of our holes, playing the holes we are designing over and over in our head to achieve the best possible results for all types of players. We therefore are very proud to often hear from people that they have never thought as much about their shots as on our courses.

“Although the fairway may be made as broad as space allows, it should be highly desirable to play on on to some particular portion of it, in order to simplify the next stroke.”

Harry S. Colt “Some Essays on Golf-course Architecture” 1920

“The true line to the hole should not always be the center of the fairway"

Tom Simpson “The Architectural Side of Golf” 1930

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