The tempting short-cut over water at Swinkelsche hole 8
The risky direct left route to the green at Turfvaert hole 14
The tough choices of Swinkelsche hole 18
The tricky approach shot Royal Hague hole 6
Royal Hague

Tempt players to try to do things they really should not do

One of the strongest emotions in golf is the urge to try to hit a shot that one knows is just inside the realm of one's capabilities. A good golf architect will always try to find numerous situations on the course where he can tempt players to go for these overextended shots.

At IVGD we try to design golf courses that on many occasions tempt players to try to pull off shots that they know they really should not be attempting. The reason is that we believe strongly that temptation is one of the main reasons that keeps players coming back for more golf.

“The true hazard should draw the player towards it, should invite the golfer to come as near as he dare to the fire without burning his fingers.”

John Low “On Golf” 1905

“Hazards - how well chosen the name! They are risks; and penalties must come to those who take risks and fail"

Robert Hunter “The Links” 1926

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