Swinkelsche hole 3
Broadstone hole 14
Tandridge hole 5
Swinkelsche hole 16
Turfvaert hole 4

Create infinite variety in the shots the player will encounter

Infinite Variety is a term that was frequently used by the classic golf course architects in their writings. With these words they expressed that every hole, every green and in fact every essential detail of the golflinks should always be slightly different. Their ideal was to try to match the perfect variation that only Nature itself can produce.

At IVGD we try to create as much variation in our designs as possible. We believe the ultimate test of variation is the amount of holes someone who has played the course for the first time can vividly remember.

“The true test of a golf course is, will it live?”

Harry S. Colt “Some Essays on Golf-course Architecture” 1920

"There should be an infinite variety in the strokes required to play the various holes- that is, interesting brassie shots, iron shots, pitch and run up shots"

Dr. Alister MacKenzie “The Spirit of St.Andrews” 1932

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