Construction of green 19 Cruden Bay
Cruden Bay
Construction of Swinkelsche hole 3
Shaping with the buldozer
Shaped green 15 at Swinkelsche
Rough earth-works at Swinkelsche

The detailing of a golf course can only be great if the golf architect spends a large amount of time on the construction site intensively working together with the team of shapers. Only by being on site most of the time can the architect make sure that the detailing of the greens, bunkers and other elements of the golf course are exactly as he had envisioned them. This also avoids costly and frustrating reworking of finished elements.

As Harry Colt once said "Making a golf course is more like painting a picture than building a road". Keeping this in mind, at IVGD we make sure we spend as much of the construction time on site as we can.

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