Design Swinkelsche green 6
Design Turfvaert green 3
Design Swinkelsche green 18
Design Turfvaert green 13

Once the overal contours of the golf course have been drawn, the next stage is to create detailed drawings for the greens. These generally are drawn with 5 or 10 cm contours so that all the small details in the green are clear.

The greens can be built exactly to these drawings, which is what happened at De Turfvaert and Land van Thorn or the drawings can be used as a first iteration point to be roughed in with GPS, after which the green shapes are further sculpted and refined, which is what happened at De Swinkelsche. Our preference lies with the last method because we believe that generates the most natural greens shapes.

Sometimes no green drawings are made. This is the case when we work on sites where the natural contours are still present and interesting enough to build a green on. We used this method for the greens in the wooded areas at De Swinkelsche.

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