Renovated bunkers at Hoge Kleij hole 1
Hoge Kleij
Renovated bunkers at Gelpenberg hole 10
Renovated green bunker at Edese hole 1
Renovated bunker at Hoge Kleij hole 18
Hoge Kleij
Renovated bunker at Gelpenberg hole 13

If there is one element where many golf course can improve on it must be the bunkering. Improvements are often possible in better and more strategic placement of bunkers, in determining the optimal size of the hazards and last but not least make the bunker shapes both pleasing to the eye but also intimidating to the mind. There are also many ways to construct bunkers, from pristine looking Augusta style bunkers to haggard looking blow out style erosion bunkers found on the original links of the British Isles.

Our stance at IVGD is that bunker renovation work is one of the best and most cost efficient ways to improve on an existing golf course that lacks strategy and visual refinement. The work can be done fairly quickly and the course can be back in play in a fairly limited time, and in cases where the greenkeeping team has the required skills and an appetite for challenge the work can mostly be handled in house with the help of a talented outside shaper.

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