The short game practice area at Sallandsche
Winter construction work at Cromstrijen
Construction at Gelpenberg
Amsterdam Old Course soil improvement works hole 2
Construction work at Grevelingenhout hole 3

One of the most important aspects of doing good restoration work on golf courses is the actual construction work. Making plans and doing drawings is all very well, but the actual construction work is so detail oriented and requires so much flexibility that is vital that the golf architect is on site as much as possible. Only that way it is possible to realize the full potential of a renovation.

An important element in the construction phase is the interaction between the greenkeeping team, the shapers/contractor and the golf architect. Part of this is transfer of know-how from the architect, but also is making sure that the greenkeeping team is comfortable that they will be able to maintain what is being built. Ideally the relationship between these three parties is very close, allowing for a co-operation leading to the best possible results.

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