Rebuilding the third green at Hoge Kleij
Hoge Kleij
Changed green surrounds at Heelsumse
Renovated green surrounds at Gelpenberg hole 13
One of the new greens at the short game area Sallandsche
Renovated second green at Servanes

Greens are a vital part of every golf course, no matter when or how it was built. Many courses have greens that either have been built in the wrong spot or lack charm and subtlety. In these cases it can make a lot of sense to either build a new green in a better location, or a better green in the same location. Key then is to then build greens that fit with the land, embrace a playing strategy, play fun and look good.

At IVGD we are always caerful to not change greens on any course casually. First because it costs money, but also because it often has been the main thing a previous architect has put his heart and soul in. Therefore we always first look if we can solve an issue with improving the green surrounds. Only after that proves impossible do we move to then change the green design.

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