New routing proposal for Hayling Island
Routing scenario for Overbrug expansion
Routing changes holes 5 & 6 Toxandria
New routing proposal Broekpolder
Rerouting plan Hoge Kleij
Hoge Kleij

One of the best ways to get fired as a golf architect is to enthusiastically propose a rerouting of the golf course of a new client. This sentence is only half meant to be ironic; routing changes are very difficult and traumatic for golf clubs to undergo, even in cases where the benefits are obvious and very large. People are very used to the way they have walked their courses for many years, and need a lot of time being convinced that there might be a need or benefit to change their routing. This is slightly different when a routing change comes about because the club has the possibility to acquire adjacent land, and a somewhat cramped routing can be improved.

At IVGD we will always look to see if there are ways to improve the routing of an existing golf course, but at the same time will be very restrained in promoting any routing changes until the trust of the client has been fully earned. Nevertheless we have a solid track record of getting routing changes approved and made by our clients, resulting in better layouts and happier members.

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