Bunker shaping at Hoge Kleij
Hoge Kleij
Creating a new lake at Gelpenberg
A potential junior shaper looking on at Hoge Kleij
Cruden Bay
Laying grass turf with an excavator at Gelpenberg
Finished bunker shaping at Hoge Kleij

Infinite Variety Golf Design also has extensive experience in renovating existing courses. By renovating a course it's quality can be improved significantly through a combination of strategic, natural and artistic bunkering, improved design of the green surrounds, a better routing and sometimes even by reshaping the greens.

Our renovation work follows an integral approach, in that we start by making sure we understand the character of the site and the issues that the course is struggling with, then move on to create a course plan, present that to the relevant committees and the members, and then execute the works together with the greenkeepers, shapers and contractors, being onsite virtually the whole period works are carried out.


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