Survey of a classic green
Meyrick Park
Restoration proposal for hole 15 at Belvoir Park
Paths between holes 14 and 15 Royal Hague
Royal Hague
Kennemer hole C10
The before situation De Pan green 7
De Pan

One of the benefits of modern technology is that it has become both easier and much less expensive to survey the key elements of the famous classic courses, such as green surfaces, green complexes, bunkers and even complete golf holes or courses. This has two main advantages, first it provides the club with an insurance that they can always restore back the original landforms in case of a calamity. Second it allows a good restoring architect to show a clear visual 3d image in real time of any changes or improvements to the greens committee (and the members) before the work is actually carried out, avoiding unpleasant surprises afterwards.

At IVGD we have been at the forefront of inexpensive visualisation for the last decade and continue to follow developments in this area closely. We also strongly recommend any classic course that they get all original elements professionally surveyed, thereby giving the restoring architect better data to work with, whilst at the same time providing the club with the ultimate insurance of always being able to faithfully rebuild their course.

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