Bunker restoration at Broadstone
Bunker restoration at Hardelot
Bunker restoration at Copt Heath
Copt Heath
Bunker restoration at Le Touquet
Bunker restoration at Tandridge

If there is one element on classic golf courses that have eroded and changed most over time it surely must be the bunkers. If one sees the splendid old pictures of large natural bunkers with rough edges it is hard to imagine that these are the same simplified bunkers that dot many of the courses nowadays. In most cases this negative transformation happened slowly but resolutely over time, making the bunkers simpler and less characterful in every little step. This has been the case both for inland courses as well as for links courses, where the original eroded sand face bunkers have made way for the ubiquitous sod face pot bunker in the last few decennia (read Paul Turner and Frank Pont's article in Golf Course Architecture Magazine on this subject).

At IVGD we believe that bunkers on classic golf courses deserve to be restored back to their original splendour and artistry, making holes visually much more interesting and compelling and in the proces giving even more character to these classic courses. The fact that the impact is so high is a key reason why bunker restoration is the main type of restoration work we carry out.

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