Restoring the back part of green 7 at Hardelot Les Pins
Hardelot Les Pins
Restored green complex Royal Hague hole 10
Royal Hague
Amsterdam Old green 9; same shape but 1 m lifted
Amsterdam Old
Restoring the 8th green at Eindhovensche
Setting out the levels for Royal Hague green 2

One of the most important parts of a classic golf course are their greens. As the famous American golf architect Charles Blair MacDonald once stated: "Greens are to golf courses what faces are to portraits." Unfortunately many classic greens have been changed or tinkered with in the past and this still continues to happen to many more every year. Classic greens are so special in most cases because they were built by hand and therefore often have lots of little details hidden in the surface.

We at IVGD over the years have seen more than our share of classic greens that (no doubt often with good intentions) have been debased through poor and often unneccessary changes. Therefore we have made the pricipal decision that we will not change a classic green unless there is no other viable alternative. Even then we will insist that the green first gets surveyed in detail before any work commences. For those interested in our position on this topic, read the article that Mike Clayton, Jeff Mingay and Frank Pont wrote on the need to preserve classic greens.

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