Royal Hague short grass green 2
Meyrick Park
Mowing plan for Royal Spa
Kennemer short grass run offs
Mowing plan for Kennemer
Eindhovensche green 10 surrounds

One of the easiest and most cost effective ways to start the restoration of a classic golf course is to bring back the original mowing lines. Many of the classic golf courses have over time lost large areas of mown grass, be it the greens, the green surrounds or even the fairways. When these areas are free of trees and shrubs it is relatively straightforward to bring them back into play as they originally were intended.

The main benefit of bringing back the original mowing lines is that it restores the original strategy of the hole, makes the recovery shots around the green more interesting and allows for more interesting pin positions along the edges of the greens. This is the reason that we at IVGD often start our restoration work at classic courses with a hard look at the mowing lines.

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