Restoring the original playing coridor at Swinley Forest hole 9
Opening up the 17th hole at Hardelot Les Pins
Widening the playing zone at Tandridge hole 13
The new 11th fairway at Hardelot Les Pins
Making space for a new tee at Broadstone hole 5

One of the areas which need the most restoration work on many classic golf courses are the trees. The classic architects also loved trees, not as harzards in play on the golf course, but rather as beautiful decor around the golf holes, at a respectful distance and out of play. They would cringe if they would see the unbridled growth of wooded area, encroaching on greens, tees and playing coridors. Too many courses have not managed the trees and woodlands on and around their golf courses, which in many cases has led to a significant deterioration of the original design.

At IVGD we love trees so much that we even live in a house in the forest. However loving trees does not mean that trees should not be managed. We believe that we should try to maintain the balance of open space and trees that the original designers went for, and at the same time giving greenkeepers a chance to provide the players with high quality playing surfaces.

We also strongly advise our clients to work with high quality woodland management experts, such as John Nicholson in the UK and Ronald Buiting in the Netherlands, when they want to seriously manage the trees and woodlands on their classic golf courses.

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