Hardelot green 7
Sketch of Morfontaine green 7
Bunkers at New Zealand
New Zealand
Sketch of bunkers at Blackwell
Chiberta green 4

Tom Simpson might well be one of the most creative golf course architects who ever lived. Many of his best courses are so original and have so much strategy and variety that they are a joy to play. Couple that with his very subtle and organically undulating greens and you have a receipe for greatness.

Maybe an important part of his success was in the fact that he was financially independent, so that he could pretty much do as he wanted. He even went so far as to state that he would only lay out a course if there was no interference of the client, something quite uncommon. He was also quite eccentric, which varied from his embroideries of golf holes, his chauffeur driven Rolls Royce to his notion that it was important to put a really bad hole somewhere in the round to show how good the other holes are.

At IVGD we love restoring the many little intricate details of Simpson's courses, be it his trademark lace edges of the bunkers, the original irregular green shapes or the strategies of his holes that have been lost to tree growth.

Simpson courses we have worked at

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