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Swinkelsche hole 13
Swinkelsche 13
Swinkelsche hole 9
Swinkelsche 9
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Swinkelsche 5
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Swinkelsche 7
Swinkelsche hole 17
Swinkelsche 17


Our spectacular new golf course De Swinkelsche, an 18 holes course located in the sand belt of the south Netherlands, has been getting rave reviews in both the Dutch and International press since it opened in early 2013.

De Swinkelsche is a course that is based on the classic principles of strategic design, with wide fairways dotted with rough edge bunkers, large areas of short mown grass around large undulating greens. It also is a course of an unusually high ambition level for the Dutch golf market. This has been made possible by a number of important factors:

- First the course was built on a site of almost 250 acres and is enclosed on three sides by beautifull pine and oak forests

- Second the soil on which the course is built consists of pure sand combined with a low groundwater table.

- Third the course has five holes that have been carved out of existing forests, allowing us to use the exiting natural landforms and hardly do nay shaping.

- Fourth on the other holes there was the budget to move enough earth and do enough plantings to allow us recreate the old heathland landscape that occupied this location until early in the 20th century.

- Finally, the shape of the site allowed for an interesting, varied and very walkable routing, where the player constantly has the feeling of space and traquility.

De Swinkelsche has been doing very well since its opening, and this is reflected in the fact that the course has been scoring in the top 10 of the Netherlands on sites such as

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Frank Pont
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